Healthcare Reimbursement Consulting

“We signed a contract with a very small PPS hospital in the southeast on March 11, 2014.  They had received $713, 523 by July 10, 2014.  We are expecting another $219,224 by the end of 2014!  Not too bad, considering the hospital’s staff was not required to do hardly anything to get the additional cash!  We uncover opportunity, execute precisely and get you the cash ASAP!   Don’t wait until you are struggling!  Let’s get started today!  Just give us a call and we will take it for there!”

Kendall Quisenberry, Founder and President


We believe that being a little different than other reimbursement firms or the CPA’s is a good thing!  Our goal is to offer our clients unique reimbursement solutions in a marketplace where there is much of the same!  Our best issues are the reimbursement issues that are not on every other reimbursement consultants project list!

If we have reached out to you via letter or phone, we may have already uncovered a significant potential reimbursement opportunity for you.  I simply challenge each of you to seize this new opportunity and give us a chance to prove our worth to you!

Since we don’t really compete with anyone, we are happy for you to continue your relationship with your current CPA’s or other cost report consultants for your financial audit and/or cost report preparation.

We simply amend, reopen or appeal the cost reports once you have filed them and moved on to other current matters.  We pursue the 2% to 5% or more of the reimbursement dollars due a hospital that may have been left on the table each year!  These dollars add up!  

Give us a shot!  We can get you the incremental revenue you need to make great things  happen at your facility!!