About Us

Reimbursement Counsellors website imagesFounded in 1999 by Kendall Quisenberry, Reimbursement Counselors is an healthcare reimbursement consulting firm dedicated to innovation  and highly specialized services.  Our reimbursement consultants specialize in the reopening and appeal of Medicare and Medicaid cost reports.  We want to be different!  We don’t do financial audits or many of the other services that are performed by our clients’ CPA firms.  We focus on what we do the best, which happens to be a service that can dramatically impact our clients’ bottom line and very few others provide in the marketplace.

Once invited to perform a free on-site review, our reimbursement consultants will provide our clients with the utmost in both professionalism and personal service.  We will do our work in a manner that least interferes with the hospital staff’s day to day responsibilities while still producing results that can make a difference!

Our Team