Client Testimonials

Regarding our healthcare reimbursement consulting services:

“I have utilized Reimbursement Counselors’ services at three different facilities.  Their work has always been timely and the returns have been significant.  I highly recommend taking the time to let them do an analysis of your cost reports.  You might be surprised what they will find!”

— Jamie R. Jacoby, CPA, MBA 


“I first met Kendall Quisenberry, President of Reimbursement Counselors, Inc., around Money Left 41995 when he was with a former employer and have used his services in at least two hospitals since that time.  He has never failed to uncover cash that was left lying on the table when filing our cost reports.  He is extremely knowledgeable in Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement issues and in legal methods of increasing a hospital’s settlement from the government.  His preparation is so complete that the Fiscal Intermediary seldom questions his appeals and his communication skills are such that small town Administrators and Board Members are able to understand at least the concept of what he is doing.  I heartily recommend Reimbursement Counselors’ work!”

—Mr. Jerry Pickett, CFO


Reimbursement Counselors is helping us reach our financial goals for this year.”

—Mr. Louis Willeke, Administrator/CEO


Reimbursement Counselors is professional, dependable and productive. They helped us obtain a nice recovery and I recommend them to all.”

—Mr. Saad Mikhail, Former CFO